“Cô Bles chuyên nghiệp và cô luôn thiết kế bài học sinh động, hấp dẫn, bé nhà mình rất thích học với cô.”
– Phụ huynh Nguyễn Hồng Hạnh



Hello, I am Bles (Blesilda Falcon Valdez), I have been teaching online for almost 4years (for Japanese and Chinese- sometimes Korean). I taught kids from 2-12 years old, Junior high from 13-18 years old and also Adult students – working, professionals and post graduate students who wants to practice and enhance their skills in English.

I also handle zero beginners- students who have limited English knowledge but eager to learn.

My approach for this would be starting from what they know and what interest them to learn- like how to introduce themselves or how to greet someone on every occasion.

For intermediate students, I try to assess them by asking then casual questions, there I can make a connection, letting them be themselves while I try to identify what are the things he/she needs to improve.

Lastly for advanced students, mostly their pronunciation and teaching them more terms or words to use to make their statement sound more appealing and professional.

I also volunteer as a preschool teacher during my college years – for 3 years(locally). I did that first out of kindness, then it gave me a different fulfillment and satisfaction, so I kept going.

What motivates me to teach is when I see my students happy and satisfied with the class. As time passes by, I can see how much they learned and how much they improved.

Hearing comments from parents and my students flatters me a lot! I didn’t just help them learned, they helped me too to be more sensitive to my student’s needs. I guess a happy teacher makes a happy student/parents.

In my class I want my student to feel relax and comfortable, that will help them be more expressive and open. I don’t want them to feel pressured that they should be perfect! I will try to be more friendly and funny to make better connection with my students in class, also to give them a feeling of excitement and wanting to learn more.

I hope to they’ll enjoy and have a good experience in my class too.

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