Cô là người cẩn thận tỉ mỉ. Cô dạy rất chi tiết, chữa từng lỗi sai cho tôi cả cách phát âm và ngữ pháp. Tôi rất thích thú khi được học cùng với Cô. ( Bảo Phương)


-A Filipno native speaker from Philippines
-Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Major in English
-5 Years as an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher in China
-More than 2 years as an online English tutor
-Have TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate
-Have worked with both children and adults, from beginner to advanced level
Hello my name is Teacher Albert and I’ve been ESL (English a s Second Language)
Teacher in China for 5 years and 2 years as an online English tutor.
I would like to help my students to improve and make progress in learning English
from phonics, grammar, listening, pronunciation and up to conversational English.
I love teaching English because It’s satisfying to see children progress both
academically and non-academically as rounded people and future citizens. You might
not realize it but you are the children’s role model
So come and book a class with me. Let’s have fun in learning English.
See you 🙂

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