“Cô Ann nhiệt tình, giảng bài dễ hiểu, em đã tự tin hơn khi nói tiếng Anh và sửa được khá nhiều lỗi về từ ngữ.”

– Học viên Phan Hải


Iloilo, Phillippines

Good day! I am teacher Ann Wyne. I am a graduate of Iloilo Science And Technology University under the degree BSED in Science teacher. I am an aspiring ESL teacher with 3 years of experience in tutorial education services; both offline and online. I have a qualification to teach given by the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) through the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

I’ve been teaching English for kids and adult. I am continuously learning to adopt and apply varied learning technique and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. I am a teacher who can apply a range of successful strategies to maintain a good learning rapports that motivates learners to work productively. Related to this, I am a teacher that ensures that learning is nurturing and inspiring so that the learners can participate, cooperate and collaborate for the learning continuity.

As a Science teacher who teaches English, I certainly making sure that am using an effective verbal and non-verbal learning communication to support learners understanding, participation, engagement and achievement. I see to it that I display proficient use of English to facilitate efficient and effective teaching and learning.

I am a teacher who believes that every learner is a masterpiece of one’s heart desire. Learners are pieces that needs to be arranged and able to be harmonized to the call of virtue, skills and knowledge necessary for lifelong pursuit of the 21st century learners attributes. The joy in teaching has inspired me to look into the nature, needs and passion of the learners.

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