Cô Anh Phương dạy rất hay và dễ hiểu, mình đã có thể nâng trình IELTS chỉ sau 6 tháng học cùng cô
Học viên Đặng Hải An
  • Also a translator and copywriter
  • Skilled in educational, technical and creative writing
  • Can design a very good and interesting method of learning English
  • Can adjust to the needs of the students and patiently help the students
About me

Hello! I’m Phương, or you can call me Abby. It’ll be nice if I can meet with you all.  I love this job because it allows me to help other people who want to speak English fluently, since helping people has always been my passion.

My method when teaching IELTS is to focus on your weak points and enhance your strengths! The IELTS test is broken down into four parts: reading, speaking, listening and writing. I will be focusing on the weak points of the students and provide them with extra activities. Bring it all the way back to basics for them if need be, and use what you are already good at to incorporate it into your revision!

Path 252@ 2

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