“Thầy Zolo dạy rất kiên nhẫn, tận tình và chu đáo”

– Học viên Đỗ Trung Kiên

Zolo Chansing


  • Master’s Project management George Washington University-USA
  • Strategic Consultant for Operational excellence in Tier-1 telecommunications, Manufacturing, Industrial IoT, Digital Transformation companies
  • My projects have been implemented in the USA, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines for 26 years. In these undertakings, I have been responsible for managing 150 engineers per project life-cycle from a different cultural background using English as a means of communication
  • I have been teaching my mid-high school daughter who is enrolled online in an American school for the last 4 years
  • I have served a full-time two years charitable service in the south Philippines dealing with people, culture, livelihood, places using English among others as a medium of communication
  • I have lived in the US, Canada, Japan, Middle East, and English has been my tool in navigating thru places, asking for assistance when lost, looking for the nearest store, etc. Surprisingly enough I have to use English to learn another local language

About Me

Hello! My name is Rhaponzolo Chansing. Language never has been a disadvantage. A person lightens up when they hear someone talk in another language. English is a ‘local’ international language, a one-size-fits-all. While it is used internationally it is local in that you see and hear it in the form of books, the internet, blockbuster movies, when you pass Customs, and Immigration when traveling, so on…

Studying English connects you to a ‘wider world’, it improves the quality of life by providing opportunities. Study with me, as we venture to pass the door of adventure in the world of the English language!


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