“Cô Hara có phương pháp sư phạm rất tốt đã giúp con tôi tiến bộ rõ rệt. Tôi rất cảm ơn.”

– Phụ huynh Huỳnh Ngọc Hoa


Bais city, Philippines

  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education, major in English
  • Currently studying Master of Arts in English, major in English Literature
  • Have been teaching for almost six years in the public school
  • Taught for a year in a private academy
  • Worked as a copyeditor for over a year at SPI Global which aims to provide English-
    language improvement services for books (e.g., medical, technical, and philosophical
    books) written by authors whose first language is not English.


Hello Learners!

My name is Hara Cymell B. Acab, and I am a Licensed Professional English teacher. I have been in this profession for almost 7 years. I am currently teaching in a public school here in the Philippines, and I enjoy using my skills to elevate the capacity of my students to use and speak English as a second language. I graduated from La Consolation College in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, Major in English. Moreover, I have been enhancing my capacity as an educator by finishing my Master’s Degree in English, major in Literature, to ensure that quality education is given to my dear students.Furthermore, though I am naturally oriented to teach teenagers, I also have experienced teaching children in the academe. Children and young adults are never too different in learning another language; both share the same curiosity and eagerness to speak fluently like the natives.

Aside from teaching, I also enjoy reading and collecting books. I am a huge fan of Kathy Reichs and her works, the Bones novel. I love to sing classical and Disney songs, which always reminds me that I am a child at heart. However, handicrafts and drawing have always been a stress-reliever for me.

Let me leave you with this, to learn another language has countless benefits (and loads of fun). I am sure that with me, here in Skype English, we can accomplish great things together!
See you in my class at Skype English.

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