Cô ấy là một người giàu kinh nghiệm giảng dạy. Cô ấy sửa lỗi phát âm của tôi rất nhiều. Cảm ơn cô và trung tâm rất nhiều. ( Hoàng Giang)


 Earned 36 Units in Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management
 Graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
 TEFL Certified since 2021
 Teaching English since 2012 to Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese learners

Hello, my name is Daisy Bandoy. For the following reasons, I would want to characterize myself
in three adjectives: goal-oriented, passionate, and patient. First, I am a person who is driven to
be an effective teacher. I try my hardest to achieve my goals every time.
Second, I am motivated to teach the learners a second language. Teaching English to students is
my passion, and I am motivated by the philosophy of "Learning by Doing."
Finally, I have the patience to educate the students. I believe that each individual is unique and
that each individual should be given the opportunity to develop his or her own skills based on
his or her learning patterns.

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