“Cô Phúc là 1 giáo viên trách nhiệm và tận tâm. Các bài học được thiết kế phù hợp với người mất gốc như tôi. Hiện tại tôi thấy tiếng Anh của mình khá ổn dù còn phải học nhiều.”

– Học viên Trần Văn Đại



  • Graduated University of Languages and International Studies with Bachelor’s Degree in English Teacher
  • Have B2 Certificate
  • Have 6 year experience in teaching position
  • Taught English Grammar, Pronunciation and Communication in Textile Company and Labour Export Company
  • Be sociable, punctual and responsible

Dear my beloved students,
Hello everyone! I’m Phuc. It’ll be nice if I can meet you all. I graduated from University of
Languages and International Studied with BA in English teaching and B2 certificate. I worked as a English teaching assistant and teacher for Espeed Centre and Apollo. I taught English Grammar and Communication for the Director of Textile Company and people who go to European country to work. So, I’ve been teaching English for nearly 6 years to all different levels of students including ages, jobs and positions. I love this job because it allows me to help other people, inspire everyone with English love . Helping people is my passion and dream.
I know that English is very important key in life and career if you would like to get a good job, good salary, go abroad, or get a chance of promotion. However, mastering English is so hard that not everyone succeeds in doing it. For me, I used to be a grammar student – that is, I had just studied grammar when I was at secondary or high school without speaking any words. Nevertheless, when I studied at my university, I had to speak, you know, at that time, my English speaking skills was terrible but I was so persistent and I had a faith; I can do it;. Each day, I spent 30 minutes practising pronunciation and communication. As a result, I achieved it and now I believe that I can help you with my own experience because I did it. I think the PERSISTENCE AND PRACTICE are the keys to lock all the door.

Those are some words of heart I would like to talk to you all. Hope to meet you soon.

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