“Cô Joy dạy rất nhiệt tình và thân thiện và dễ hiểu”-

Học viên Nguyễn Mai Nguyên

Joy Pacific

Tarlac City, Philipines

A seasoned and certified ESL Teacher
Have a good understanding of the mechanics of language such as phonology, semantics, and grammar.
I have great interpersonal skills which engage my students with enthusiasm and humor.
I value my students’ beliefs and uniqueness.
Maintain my student’s inquisitive minds through varied teaching methods.

About Me

Hello everyone. My name is Teacher Joy and I’m from the Philippines. I am a graduate of  Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I am a licensed teacher too.

I have taught English as a second language in Korea and China for more than three years now. When it comes to my teaching strategies or approach, I tailor my lessons depending on the needs of my students.

I have a strong desire to teach English to different levels of students with various linguistic backgrounds. I have been teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. In my class, English will be very easy and enjoyable. We will start from the basics, and I will make sure our class is fun, engaging, and informative.

Learning English doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. We can have fun and learn things at the same time. Let me help you in improving your communication skills in English day by day.

Join me in my classes and I will make it a point that you will learn something new by the end of each lesson. What are you waiting for, book one of my lessons now! See you  at Skype English.


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